about lillian hepler

Lillian Hepler sings the stories many of us are afraid of telling. Born and raised in Utah, the LA-based artist knew she wanted to be a performer at a young age. She began uploading covers at 13 and writing original songs by 15, accumulating millions of streams with singles like “Nightmare” and “Easy” and garnering over 2M followers on TikTok. Since the release of her debut single, Lillian has been deftly working on her artistry, ensuring the essenceof who she is comes through in her music. Now, at 22, she’s finally achieved that feat, as she embarks on the next chapter of her story. A dynamic and versatile pop artist, she weaves her own experiences into her songs, conveying the kaleidoscope of emotions she’s sifted through. Written in a stream-of-consciousness style, as if the tracks were lifted straight from her diary, her new material touches on everything from a friendship breakup to being blindsided by an ex. Lillian’s music showcases her ability to astutely share her own story while making it something that anyone with as big a heart as hers can relate to.